My message empowers women to experience
remarkable personal and professional relationships
by discovering the heart of their emotional essence
through the power of Scientific Hand Analysis

After hearing this presentation, audiences of women are able to:

  • Understand why they struggle or clash with certain people in their lives
  • Clearly determine their emotional style…and the styles of those around them
  • Express the way they want to love and be loved
  • Be at peace with who they are and live more authentically in all relationships
  • Hear stories of real relationships that have been transformed by identifying their emotional styles

Every human being on the planet has at least one of four distinct emotional styles. Each style influences the way we experience life and being in relationship with others.
In this entertaining, fun, and informative talk, I reveal how Scientific Hand Analysis has the power to unravel even the toughest relationship challenges.


Download highlight sheets of my two most requested presentations below.

Signature Speech One Sheet
“The Relationship Dilemma”
It’s in Your Hands

Workshop/Webinar One Sheet
“Secrets of the Heart”
A Hands-On Experience

To book Linda for your next conference or event or to schedule a media Interview – Kristen Haggar – 605-310-5594 – kristin@kristinhaggar.com

“When I first met Linda Salazar at another event, I was immediately impressed. I kept in contact with her and hoped she would be able to speak at one of our conferences. This year we had the privilege of having Linda as one of our speakers. She is a dynamic speaker. She keeps the audience engaged with her great information that never comes off as dry. Her wit and humor peppered throughout the presentation keeps the audience not only alert but laughing and having a good time while receiving valuable information to apply to their own lives. She was a big hit based on the conference evaluations we received. I hope she’ll speak at another one of our events.”

~Heather S. Rivera, RN, JD, PhD
Co-Founder of PLR Institute and Muse & Ink


About Linda
Linda devotes her work to empowering women to speak their truth with confidence and master their emotions to experience loving and authentic relationships both personally and professionally. Full bio here.

More presentations from Linda

The Heart of the Matter
Unraveling Any Relationship Snags/Snarls/Knots

We have all kinds of relationships: Spouses, friends, family, business and even strangers. All of them matter. Our lives work when our relationships are smooth and supportive. The quality of our relationships provide a kind of litmus test – demonstrating how evolved we are in our lives. Relationship success is a specialty for Linda Salazar and this presentation reveals ways to conquer those relationship challenges so an authentic awakening for greater growth is experienced.
(1-hour presentation; 2-hour to full day workshop)

Audience members will Learn:

  • How to get over their fear of confrontation.
  • To summon the personal courage to stand up for themselves.
  • Ways to end a relationship that is just not repairable.
  • The importance of boundaries and how to effectively set them.
  • To lead with an open heart

Speaker One Sheet
The Heart of the Matter

“Linda Salazar was my guest speaker at my last event and I am still hearing from so many of the attendees, all praising her! Linda is a great speaker: she is engaging, connects easily with the audience, is generous, knowledgeable, and clearly loves her topic. She is also a true professional which made it so easy to work with her. I am looking forward to working with her again, anytime!”

~ Mary O’Maley



“The whole experience with Linda was enlightening and the information she shared was received well by all who attended. It’s quite uplifting hearing my co-workers still talk about how much they learned from Linda’s presentation. Linda has the ability to connect to the audience with her own practical experiences. Attendees walked away with greater self-awareness, a new-found understanding and compassion in their relationships at work and their personal lives.”

~ Kelly Hagy
Human Resources Director
Northwest Medical Center


“After years of therapy, workshops and books, trying to move through a level of discomfort and disharmony around who I thought I was supposed to be in the world, I have finally reached a place of understanding myself like never before – in just one hour! All thanks to Linda Salazar and the wonderful insights she shared during her talk. I feel more freedom and peace than I could ever have dreamed of! Thank you, Linda, a million times over for the work you are doing.”

~ Caryn Richman


“A great big thank you for being our speaker at my recent women’s group meeting. We have had many speakers over the past eight years, but I can’t remember one that presented as interesting a topic and did it as well as you. Even the stories you told to explain the principles of hand analysis were fascinating and made the topic even more meaningful. I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out really who I am and where I fit and here you are, showing me that there is a simple way to know what I’ve always wanted to know about myself. Thanks for the generous gift of sharing yourself and your wisdom with my women friends. I’m quite sure you’ve changed all of our lives for the better.”

~ Ellen Bullock


“The talk you gave at our MOMS night out was outstanding. Everyone present had nothing but good things to say about your presentation and the insight you have brought to a subject that is so important to all of us – the relationship with our spouse and our entire family and friends. Thank you so much!”

~ Kellie Bieber
Moms Club Chairperson

To book Linda for your next conference or event or to schedule a media Interview – Kristen Haggar – 605-310-5594 – kristin@kristinhaggar.com

About Linda
Linda devotes her work to empowering women to speak their truth with confidence and master their emotions to experience inner peace on a daily basis – influencing personal and professional relationships in the most genuine and gracious way . Full bio here.